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Our Custom Rope Ladders are hand made to your custom requested size

CustomCargoNets.com  can design and create rope ladders to fit any challenge course, ropes course, play structure or climbing structure. We can customize each rope ladder for any special attachments or framework. Our custom manufactured rope ladders will  last a long time indoors or outside. CustomCargoNets.com rope ladders are easy to install and maintain. Made with 12" hardwood poplar wood rungs lashed to 3/4" rope with waxed cord, spaced 18" apart (other spacing, wood type and rope style available).We offer four traditional style and are always excited to manufacture custom designed rope ladders for our clients.

Rope Ladders

Standard Ladder Details:
  • Manufactured with high quality 3/4" 3-strand Poly-Dacron rope (or other rope upon request *manila, nylon, manila and sisal).
  • 1-1/4" Hardwood rungs spaced 18" apart (other spacing's available - call to get a quote)
  • Spliced connections - end connections and all rope terminations (Galvanized or plastic thimble used depending on application)
  • Soft and Durable rope great for kids and adult hands
  • Great for indoor and outdoor applications
  • UV Stable Marine Grade Rope


  • Available in white Poly-Dacron Rope or Black Nylon Rope


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Rope Ladder Style   White Poly-Dacron 

  Black Nylon Rope

Style A - Dual Top Terminations with Loop Splice Bottom $13.75 per Linear Ft.

 $14.75 per Linear Ft

Style B - Single Top Termination with Back Spliced Bottom $13.50 per Linear Ft.

 $14.50 per Linear Ft

Style C - Single Top Termination with Looped Splice Bottom $13.50 per Linear Ft.

 $14.50 per Linear Ft

Style D - Dual Top Termination with Dual Bottom Termination $14.25 per Linear Ft.   $15.25 per Linear Ft.
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